10/10 – Zehn Fragen an DJ Marbelz

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1. Warum bist Du DJ geworden und wie lange machst du das schon?

Weil ich Musik liebe und ohne nicht leben könnte! Ich war in Clubs auch schon immer der, der den DJ´s über die Schulter geschaut hat, anstatt den Mädels ins Dekolleté :) Ich war ein Spätzünder – erst seit Knapp 2 Jahren. In Clubs erst fest seit einem Jahr.

2. Was gefällt Dir an dem heutigen Hip Hop und Street Culture besonders gut?

Ich finde es gut, dass sich die Musik & die Culture weiterentwickeln. Und dass HIPHOP Menschen verbindet!

3. Wenn morgen die Welt untergehen würde und wir wollen das letzte mal mit deinem Mixtape bzw. Set Party machen. Welches würdest du uns empfehlen?

4. Wann und wo kann man Dich meistens Live erleben?

Fast jedes Wochenende im KingLUI Nürnberg, Club 360 Grad Nürnberg & in der Ol dirty Soundbar in Nürnberg. Das sind meine Residenzen. Wenn mal ein freier Tag bleiben sollte, auch mal ausserhalb der Stadtmauern Nürnbergs ( Hersbruck, Lauf, Bayreuth…. )

5. Welche falsche Vorstellungen haben viele über das Leben eines DJ´s?

Das würde den Rahmen sprengen – aber meine Favoriten sind: Du machst doch eh nix ausser feiern + du schleppst jedes WE mind 5 Frauen ab! ( so ein quatsch sind locker 10 😉 )

6. Nenn uns drei Songs, die momentan bei Dir auf Repeat laufen.

Aktuell: DJ Julez Flavour feat YB Williams – REAL ONE, Haftbefehl – Rolle mit meim Besten, Lil boosie – she want some
Oldschool: ( wird auch immer auf Repeat bleiben ) Gangstarr – Full Clip

7. Erzähl uns bitte die craziest Story von Deinem DJ Leben.

Oh Gott – da passiert so viel crazy Zeug. Ich hab mal einen Drink ins Gesicht & wüste Beschimpfungen kassiert, weil ich einen Liedwunsch nicht erfüllt habe!

8. Was wäre deine Henkersmahlzeit?

A Schäuferla + a ROTBIER!

9. Hast Du einen Insider-Tipp, welchen Künstler sich man unbedingt anhören muss?

Ein TOP Deutschrapper, ich habe Ihn Live gesehen + war total begeistert! CHEFKET heisst der junge Mann – Unbedingt auschecken!

10. Wo können wir Dich am besten im Social Media stalken?

www.facebook.com/djmarbelz – Alle Sattlerei bitte hier :)

Danke für das coole Interview DJ Marbelz!

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Thank you Kanye, Steve and Jeff

One valuable lesson i learned in the past few years which most of us often forget to do is you have to give credit where credit is due. So its only right that the first post from our Blog “The Inner Clique” is a sincere thank you note for my three biggest inspirations.  Of course my inspirations dont only come from these three Icons but they surely have the biggest impact on how i design, market and approach our Clique Beer. Here it goes:

1. Kanye West:

I was a fan of Kanye since the college dropout days. That album helped me get through my early days here in Germany. I moved here when i was 20 all alone and no money.  I was at his first concert in Cologne in 2004 and there were roughly 100 people on that show. But he came out with that LV backpack, did the “i know im awesome” pose, grabbed the mic and performed like it was on a sold out wembley stadium. Its crazy how big of an Icon he has become. He has been consistently and fearlessly putting out great and risky albums. So when i started this Clique Beer company i knew i had to always run this business on the highest level possible regardless if i have 10 or 10.000 customers or if i have 1 or 1.000 people working on my company. And i also learned that success takes time. Even Yeezus himself didnt make it overnight. I just have to be brave enough to take risk and i need to deliver awesome things on a daily basis.  So thank you Mr. West for saving my life. I created this Clique Beer as an hommage to you.

PS: I was even lucky enough to win a meet and greet with Yeezus himself. Hopefully one day i will meet him again and he can try out Clique Beer.

kanye west meet and greet ibnu from clique bier

2. Steve Jobs:

What more can i say about one of the greatest CEO´s of our time. I studied everything he does from giving Keynote presentation, managing people to his product philosophy. So if someone gives me a compliment about how we sell our product, i have to thank Steve for the influence. The biggest impact that he made thou was from his interview about life. That interview really changed how i see life in general. I wasnt afraid about making decisions and creating something new anymore. So thank you Steve! here is the interview:

3. Jeff Staple:

Ever since i read about the riot caused by the nike sb pigeon dunk release, i have been reading articles and watching youtube clips about the mind behind the iconic sb. Some haters would say Jeff Staple cant design shit, he got lucky with the sb pigeon. But if you have been truly following his moves and how he influenced the streetwear culture there is no doubt that this man is a creative savant. He sees and approaches things differently. Its just impressive how he keeps Staple relevant after all these years. And it is even more impressive how he stays grounded after all the success. He is without a doubt one of the biggest influencer in streetwear but when i met him at Bread and Butter in Berlin he was just this down to earth guy. Maybe its because of his love for the street culture that drives him and not the search of fame. He wants to push this culture forward and that is exactly why i am trying to do with this Clique Beer. There wasnt a beer that was specifically made out of love for the hip hop and streetwear culture (at least in Germany) so i decided to contribute something.  So thank you Jeff for teaching me to stay grounded and to use the love for the culture as a drive for success. Here is the interview about pushing the culture forward (go to 0:55 )

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